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About Us


Successful businesses require a well-crafted strategy at both the business and brand level. While business strategy focuses on the operational and financial aspects of the company, brand strategy concentrates on how the company presents itself and connects with customers. Integrating these two strategic pillars is crucial.

We believe that within every business brand stands as a foundational pillar, guiding and influencing each strategic decision.

Culture & Brand – Molding the heart and soul of your organization.

Positioning & Brand – Carving out your unique space in the market.

Marketing & Brand – Amplifying your voice and impact.

Communications & Brand – Ensuring a resonant, consistent message.

We are a collective of highly experienced strategy, research, creative, design, and media teams, and together we help businesses of all shapes and sizes work smarter and grow faster.

We offer total brand & branding solutions starting with a relevant differentiated and sustainable positioning. We then help you design and bring your brand to life across every aspect of your business.

We can work with you in various ways; from Brand Consulting to fractional CMO and bespoke team development for a new market entry, brand launch, or your day-to-day brand & marketing initiatives.  I recently acted as the ‘CMO on the ground’ for a US brand market entry into Australia.  I sourced the core team including brand design, creative communications, media, and PR teams, and set up the longer-term contracts. I then led the brand launch development before the client hit the ground.


There are three key strategic questions regarding your brand:

  1. Relevant. Is your brand relevant to your customer’s needs and wants?
  2. Differentiated. Is your brand sufficiently differentiated or distinct? In the category, it operates?
  3. Sustainable. Is your brand’s value sustainable as your business grows?

Simone Bartley is a respected CEO and brand architect with over 30 years of experience across Australia, Asia and the UK markets. She has built valuable brand equity for both traditional and emerging companies such as Sony, HP, Lexus, Toyota, David Jones, Westpac, DBS Bank, P&G and Lion Nathan, Enably, Pacific. Seven West Media, Paspaley, and AthletesVoice of which Simone is both an investor and non-exec board director.

As a company leader, she has a proven track record in business growth, margin improvement, organisational design, and team leadership, which all contributed to the achievement of the No. 1 market position of both Saatchi & Saatchi Australia and Singapore during her tenure as CEO.

Simone has an integrated skill set that has been developed through roles within both creative and media agency environments. As a consultant, she has helped businesses build remarkable brands that permeate both the internal culture and the customer experience. Her greatest skill is the ability to simplify the complex to provide clarity, direction, and performance.

Simone has won numerous local, regional, and international creative and effectiveness awards, including Gold & Silver Lions, D&AD, One Show, AWARD, and Effies. She was also in the Top 30 Powerful Women by UNWOMEN 2007.


We designed our own brand with the ampersand on the inside but connected to the outside because brand value doesn’t come purely from the inside out but also from the outside in.


What ever it takes to move the needle

We seek alternative perspectives

We see a bright future

We take initiative and measured risk

We are strategically driven and believe the path to great brands is through rigorous strategy rooted in business purpose and aligned to livable values.

We strive to create brands that add value to people’s lives. We believe companies need to create things people actually want and welcome.

We believe companies need to do more than just create a brand, they need to be totally brand driven.

We believe a remarkable brand story is a story that is never completely told.